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Affordable Home Automation That Works Insteon is the best-selling, most-reliable home control and automation technology. With over 200 devices to choose from, Insteon adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types, allowing you to manage your home the way you want. Easy to install and setup, the more devices you add the stronger your Insteon network becomes. Insteon offers the flexibility and dependability to make your life more convenient, safe and fun. Follow these links for additional details and customer testimonials. Visit our SOLUTION CENTER for cool project ideas and helpful tips.

SmartHome Coupons

Home Control Hub If you use a smartphone, you already know how to use Insteon. With the Insteon Hub, controlling and configuring Insteon home automation devices is quick, easy and fun. Hub setup takes a couple of minutes and a few moments per light switch, sensor, etc. - all you need to do is connect it to power and your home's internet router. With the new HomeKit-enabled Insteon Hub Pro, you can control Insteon devices and HomeKit devices side by side. Manage your home with rooms and zones, create scenes and even control everything with Siri. Simply put, your smartphone communicates to your Hub from anywhere, and your Hub communicates with Insteon devices throughout your home. If you are just getting started, consider using an Insteon Starter Kit, which includes a Hub and some of the Insteon most popular product combinations to get you up and running with Insteon home control in no time at all.

SmartHome Coupons

Insteon Hub Lighting Control Adjustable Ambiance - Using your Smartphone or an Insteon Remote Control you can turn appliances on and off or dim and brighten lights from anywhere in your home or across the globe. Set custom brightness levels for dimmable bulbs and how fast you want them to brighten or dim as you turn them on and off. Link products together to create scenes or set schedules for all your Insteon devices so you never have to lift a finger. Insteon offers a full line of devices to control lights throughout your home: Dimmable Plug-in Module Dimmable In-Wall Keypad Dimmable In Wall Switch Dimmable Outlet Dimmable LED Bulb Micro Dimmer Module In-line Dimmer DIN Rail Dimmer Appliance Control Don't Get Up - There is no doubt you have some sort of wired in lighting, lamps or plug-in appliances throughout your home. Insteon Plug-in On/Off Modules and Wire-in On/Off Switches and Outlets let you add remote control of all of these devices so you don't have to get up off the couch or leave the office to turn them on or off. Thanks to Insteon, you can control everything from any Insteon controller, remote and from your smartphone or tablet. On/Off Plug-in Module On/Off In-Wall Keypad On/Off In Wall Switch On/Off Outlet Micro On/Off Module In-line On/Off Module DIN Rail On/Off Module Wireless Remotes One Button Can Control it All - Control multiple devices from anywhere in your home. Use an Insteon Lightweight hand-held remote, make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table. Control Insteon bulbs, dimmers, switches, and plug-in or receptacle dimmers. Mini Remote - 4 Scene Mini Remote - 8 Scene Mini Remote - Switch Motion Detection Always Looking Out - Wireless indoor and outdoor motion monitoring. Motion Sensor is perfect for areas in your home where lights are commonly left on like the laundry room, closets, and the garage. When used with the Insteon Hub, your is safe and secure, at home or away, day or night. Features an adjustable time off delay, night-only mode and photocell that can activate lights on dusk/dawn detection. Motion Sensor Door & Window Sensors Peace of Mind - With an Open/Close sensor or Hidden Door Sensor, you’ll be alerted when the back door sneaks ajar or the side window slides open. Useful for anything else that opens - doors, windows, safes, liquor cabinets, drawers and more. When used with the Insteon Hub, you know the exact state of your home's situation, at home or away, day or night. Wireless Open/Close Sensor Wireless Hidden Door Sensor Leak Detection No Flood Damage - Protect your home from evil water pipes. Simply place the water leak sensor near a potential water leak and avoid one of the most common home insurance claims that results in homeowners suffering millions of dollars in losses every year. When used with the Insteon Hub, you will receive instant alerts the instant a water leak is detected. Wireless Leak Sensor Smoke & CO Sensors Breathe Easy - Plug-in peace of mind. The Insteon Smoke Bridge monitors First Alert® ONELINK® smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. When used with the Insteon Hub, you'll receive instant alerts if Carbon Monoxide or smoke is detected. Ideal for monitoring bedrooms, playrooms, garages, offices, basements, and attics. Wireless Smoke Bridge OneLink Smoke Detector OneLink Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Camera Monitoring Smartphone Video Access - Insteon Wi-Fi Cameras allow video monitoring inside and outside your home in HD (SD cameras also available) from your smartphone or from an Apple Watch. Crystal clear video is only one of the benefits to HD - colors are more vibrant, detail is crisper - you even get 16:9 widescreen video. All Insteon Wi-Fi cameras feature darkness-illuminating infrared LEDs so you can see what is happening at night or areas your home with the lights off. The Indoor Cameras can pan and tilt a full 300° and 120°, respectively, meaning that you'll be able to handle surveillance of large rooms with ease. The Outdoor Camera is built to withstand the elements and capture all the activity going on outside your home. Whatever your surveillance need, there's an Insteon Wi-Fi camera to fit the bill, indoors or out. HD IP Camera with Pan& Tilt - White HD IP Camera with Pan& Tilt - Black HD IP Camera Outdoor Rated SD IP Camera with Pan& Tilt - White SD IP Camera with Pan& Tilt - Black Thermostat Control The Right Temperature When You Want It - The Insteon Thermostat and Insteon Thermostat for Heat Pumps offer remote thermostat control that integrates seamlessly with your Insteon home automation system. Control your thermostat from anywhere - in your home from an Insteon Keypad or on the road from your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. Insteon thermostats ensure that even the most custom HVAC installation can be controlled - and when linked with other Insteon devices, you can also automatically control duct dampers, ceiling fans and more. When one thermostat isn't enough, add Insteon Wireless Thermostats for additional temperature monitoring and throughout-the-home control. Insteon even offers a Wireless Adapter that will work with select Venstar / Totaline Thermostats. Insteon Thermostat works with most heating and cooling systems found in homes and many businesses. With the exception of sophisticated triple-stage systems, you home's heating and cooling system is most likely compatible with Insteon Thermostat. In addition, Insteon Wireless Thermostat gives you control over line-voltage and millivolt heaters. Insteon Thermostat Insteon Thermostat for Heat Pumps Insteon Wireless Thermostat Venstar / Totaline Wireless Adapter Door Access Never Get Locked Out - Forgot your keys or want to let a family member in your home while you're away? You can use an Insteon Lock Controller to allow access to your home from any Insteon device in your home or remotely from a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. The Insteon Lock Controller is compatible with a wide-range of MiLocks door locks and deadbolts in an array of finishes that are designed to match your home's existing hardware. Additionally the Insteon Garage Door Control & Status Kit is a great way to receive instant alerts via email or push notifications the moment your garage door is opened, and whether for convenience or security, you can use an Insteon controller in your home or remotely control your garage door from anywhere you may be through the Insteon App. Lock Controller Garage Door Control & Status Home Theater & IR Control Insteon Integrates - Control your Insteon lights and other devices from the comfort of your couch using your existing universal remote control. Or, let Insteon learn commands from an IR remote and use and Insteon device to control your home theater. It's all possible using an Insteon IR Transmitter or Receiver. IR to Insteon Converter Insteon to IR Converter Drapery Control Let the Light In - Remotely operate drapes, blinds and other window coverings at the press of a button using a switch, keypad, remote control or Smartphone via the Insteon Hub. Schedule the blinds to open or close according to sunrise, sunset or any other predetermined time you decide. You can even use an Insteon thermostat to activate a scene when an upper temperature limit is reached that will turn on the air conditioner and close the blinds simultaneously to rapidly cool down your home. Insteon to Somfy RF Drape Control Kit Pool & Spa Management Don't Step Foot Outside - Tired of the ancient analog timer that runs your pool system? Replace it with a 240V controller and have the Insteon Hub or other controller keep things on a schedule. Do some research with your utility company and you can even program your pool system to clean when the electric rates are at their lowest. At the end of a stressful day at work, how nice would it be if your spa or sauna could be prepped and ready for you the moment you walk through the door? High current applications like pool pumps and electric heaters can be controlled, letting you treat your luxury home amenities just like your INSTEON-controlled lights. 220V 30 AMP On/Off Load Controller - Normally Open 220V 30 AMP On/Off Load Controller - Normally Closed Low Voltage Control Low Voltage - No Problem - Monitor and control low voltage and contact closure devices as part of your Insteon home automation network. Integrate valves, alarm sensors, electric door strikes, and contact closures using the built-in single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch for continuous or momentary operation. Optionally, you can control many Insteon devices throughout the house with one dry-contact sensor input. Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (1 In / 1 Out) Visit Spotdiscounts.com for more great deals Visit Sympatico for more great deals

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